• Safari vans in Wilpattu National Park
    Sri Lanka,  Wildlife

    Wilpattu National Park

    This is the biggest and oldest of the Sri Lankan National parks. This means lesser congestion of safari vehicles than is reported from Yale. The morning we entered the park I counted 15 cars in line for entry – when the park opened at 06:15. To enter the park you need to hire a licensed vehicle with a driver. We hired a Toyota Hilux with 6 seats mounted on the cargo bed and a metal canopy – it also had tarpaulin sides to roll down in event of heavy rain – but if it’s done you can’t see much. You shouldn’t expect the driver to be English speaking, he might…

  • Nature,  Wildlife

    Deer in Danish Winter

    Most of the winters in Denmark isn’t powdered with white dunes of snow. Temperature wise they then to move en the area just above freezing, but whit a lot of rain and heavy clouds. The combination is rather damp and unpleasant, bu we have to live with and so does the animals around us – unless the are hibernating, but few are. So most just adapts. Here I spotted a few deer in the nearby Dyrehaven.

  • Argentina,  Photo,  Travel,  Wildlife

    Sea lions and Elephants

    Peninsula Valdes will provide you with a whole plethora of animals to watch – variations along the year on species and locations occurs. In November it seems like everybody are in place. From Puerto Piramides you have easy access to the roads on the peninsula, however it’s primarily gravel roads so driving slowly is mandatory both for comfort and safety. Some animals can actually be reached by foot from Piramides as there are Sea lion colonies just a few kilometers south west of the city. The water around the colony at Punta Piramides was crystal clear when I visited. Allowing to see the Sea lions and birds both above and…

  • Ducks on the beach
    Argentina,  Photo,  Travel,  Wildlife

    Birds on Peninsula Valdes

    Birds are found every where, some are very similar all over the world. Think you can find the house sparrow at any place on the globe, but other species are specific to the local area. Visiting Peninsula Valdes has given me the opportunity to see birds that I’m not familiar with. A new bird to me was the Southern Giant Petrel. A rather big bird that seems to be liberal about what to eat. At fist glance i was convinced that i had spotted a Laurus Marinus or Great Black bag gull, but the Kelp gull living on the southern hemisphere looks very similar, but it is a different specie.…

  • Argentina,  Nature,  Photo,  Travel,  Wildlife

    Peninsula Valdez, walking along the beach

    My trip to Argentina have taken me to Peninsula Valdez, which is located at the Atlantic coast of Argentina around 42 degrees south and 64 degrees west of Greenwich. So in the middle of November the time of year is at late spring. This means weather can be a little cold but also nice & warm and rather hot, in our 4 days at the peninsula we experienced all. The main attraction for Peninsula Valdez is it’s wildlife and especially the whales. I took a stroll along the beach on the first morning. Starting out about high tide, where everything was covered with water, and the beach was narrow –…

  • Sparrowhawk

    Drama in the backyard

    Sometimes I have walked for hours gotten cold, tired, and maybe even a little wet and haven’t even gotten a single satisfying image of wildlife. So when a Eurasian Sparrowhawk landed in the backyard with it’s not cold prey it felt like pay-back. I succeeded to very carefully opening a window only 6-7 meters from the hawk, fitted my camera with the longest lens and began to work with the camera. At 10 AM the light on the north side of the house is not good, the house provides a shadow and it’s was a cloudy day. ISO was up to 1600 and maybe it should have been to 3200.…

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