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    Sigirya Fortress or the Lion Rock is an amazing attraction that attracts quiet a few visitors, both foreign and Sri Lankan. The fortress is built on the top of a rock that raises approximately 200 meters above the surrounding plain. It’s built around 455 AD by King Kashyapa. Think about climbing the rock by using only footsteps carved into the rock and probably some scaffolding in order to carry bricks an other materials to the building site at the top. Later staircases have been applied. of course we couldn’t see the view from the fortress to the plain. And did not expect to be able to view the fortress from…

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    A designed neighborhood

    From the 1930’ies the government in Denmark wanted to encourage people to lead a healthy life, this included being physical active and getting into the nature. So they commissioned a beach park to be constructed north of Copenhagen. The Danish architect Arne Jacobsen was handed the task to create the beach park Bellevue. Afterwards the municipality put him in charge of developing the surroundings further, so he designed residential building and a theater. Today the area and the buildings are considered cultural heritage. Bellavista where every apartment has a view towards the sea The area also needed a gas station, so you could fill up on the way to and…

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    You have probably heard about Elsinore, but not as a town with an interesting old town with funny small details to enjoy. Most know the city from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but the other is absolutely worth to spend time on – if you happen to visit the city and want to see something other than the castle.

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    A newer part of Copenhagen

    Copenhagen have been expanding with new areas over the last 20-30 years. Such an area is of course the harbor that was being needed less and less after gods moved from smaller ships to large container ships. So old warehouses and industrial building have been removed and replaced with accommodation for new citizens. I took a walk on a beautiful sunny spring Saturday to have a look. The part I visited was the southern part of the harbor (Sydhavnen) where new islets have been build with houses placed neighboring the canals, so the bottom flats have direct access to the water – just a few steps down. On the eastern…

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    How good is you glass?

    How often do you actually see glass? Most of the time I don’t see the glass, I see whats on the other side, because modern glass – be it windows, camera lenses, spectacles – is clear an almost invisible. For specs and lenses they are even coated to avoid unwanted reflections in order to create the most undisturbed view of whats on the other side. Of course when you glass is dirty you’ll notice, but not the glass, the dirt. It has not always been this way, going back in time to early phases of glass usage in architecture you’ll find glass that you can avoid seeing. In the late…

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