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You have probably heard about Elsinore, but not as a town with an interesting old town with funny small details to enjoy. Most know the city from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but the other is absolutely worth to spend time on – if you happen to visit the city and want to see something other than the castle.

this should be the oldest house in town, that is still in ordinary use. Lot of fine details to enjoy when passing it
Fine carvings in the beams on the optometrists house
A piece of art placed in the scene it depicts, Simon Spies plads
Ferry street, think it is the narrowest street in the city. Sometime it was blocked off so the households could use it as pigsties
Hamlet in new disguise
Saint Marie church and monastery, in Kirkestr├Ždet, is worth a visit for the old architecture
And of course the castle as i looks today, when Shakespeare wrote his play it was much smaller

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