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    The missing fisherman

    In the beginning of January 2021 I visited Gilleleje in North Zeeland, I found this motive interesting and is curios of where have the poor guy gone without gloves. Is he on the bottom beside the pier, in the nearest tavern (it’s lock-down so it can be ruled out) or at home beside the fireplace. Your guess is as good as mine…

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    Copenhagen during lock down

    I got the urge to document how Copenhagen look like when the city is in the state of lock down. So one morning I got up early, and went into the city centre to get some photographic evidence of the state of Denmark. Of course with the thought of sharing my experience with you. So here is a small collection from my morning in the city. It was Saturday 28th of March 2020, pictures are taken between 7:30 and 9:30. On a normal Saturday my pictures would have been full of people going to work, people opening stores, people going home after a night in the city. I do not…

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    Hanoi in the Rain

    When someone mentions Hanoi, you probably think of a busy, noisy and hot city. But it can be different. I was in Hanoi in January 2020, around the Lunar new year and the 3 parameters above was not in play. First it was only around 15 degrees Celsius and it rained now and then. Second almost everybody seemed to be staying at home, so the streets where not crowded and packed with honking motorbikes. Early in the day people were actually walking on the streets, showing of their finest clothes for new year. In the afternoon it was as if the city was slowly waking a little, and a few…

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    Litter in Copenhagen

    When you are visiting a city, either your home town or some foreign city you probably at some point in time want to enjoy a drink or snack, some body also take a smoke. What do you do with the packaging or leftovers? Off course, you take it to the nearest garbage bin, because you like to walk around in a clean environment. Well, apparently not all share your preference for a clean city. I strolled through Copenhagen a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, instead of looking on the historical buildings, people in the streets or shop windows I focused on the litter. I took some photos of the…

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