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Can I take photos with an iPhone

Normally I mostly use my phone camera to copy paper documents or taking a photo to document an issue I need to remember, I do rarely think of my phone photos as part of a creative process. I don’t fell I’m in control of the photos. I can’t find how to easily switch to manual mode, the ergonomics of the phone is ridiculous compared to my cameras, optics sucks so most of the time I don’t take what I consider as photos with it. But on rare occasion I come to a motive that I just need to capture, even if I don’t have my camera at hand. Saturday July 3 I was going home from a series of nice jazz concerts, sun had set but there still was quite some light. Then at the lake (Peblingens√łen) there was what I thought of as a beautiful light and very nice reflection of the buildings. So I tried to snap the images but not being comfortable with the tool I left the images for a while. Then after a while I had a go with Darktable, adjusted the light and the tone curve, straightened the horizon, got rid of the ridiculous curvature provide by the 3 mm lens and cropped in a bit. Image quality is not what I would expect from my cameras, but maybe it can be acceptable for a web page.

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