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A photo trip into the garden

A nice thing about having a garden is that i provides opportunities an easy way to go on a photo shoot. Especially during the summer when flowers are in full bloom and is attracting insects. So equipped with my camera, macro lens and tripod I walked the 10 meter long journey into the flowerbed. A sunny day with lot’s of flowers and insects provides several opportunities within a few minutes.

Bombus hortorum (Garden bee) in a blooming Dahlia
Bombus horotum (garden bumblebee) on top of a Dahlia
Bombus Hortorum in a yellow Dahlia
A Bombus ruderarius (Grass bumblebee) leaving a yellow Dahlia
A Bombus horotum (Garden bumblebee) in a yellow Dahlia

I just set up my camera aiming at a flower, wait a few minutes and then the flower has a visitor, adjust focus and fire away. Next I’ll try to do focus stacking to get an image that is sharp on the whole of the insect.

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