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    Litter in Covid-19 times

    Lock-down has changed my habits, I don’t ride the bike to-from work because I only go down the stairs to my basement office. But I need some regular exercise, so I’m up for a daily walk with my wife. We have always been visiting the parks and forests in our local area, but now it’s changed from once or twice per month to once a day. Others has made similar shifts in habits, so a lot of new visitor to the areas can be met. We met those newcomers, can spot them from far away. They walk slowly, deeply engaged in either conversations or listening to their device, many has…

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    Distraction when working from home

    Usually I used to complain about disturbances in the open office. You know, someone tapping you shoulder for a chat (both private and professional) , listening to passerby conversation, talking somewhere etc. breaks your concentration on the task you are about to. To be honest I have praised working from home during Covid-19 as it has allowed me to concentrate on my tasks and being a lot more efficient. Some tasks that I know would take 2-3 days in the office is done within half a day. But of course there is distractions in my home. Mailman rings the door bell, wife wants to talk, dish washer is finished a…

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    Covid fatigueness

    I have been working from home since March 10 2020, except for 2 meetings at a customer, 4 short visits to the company office. Part of the time the company office has been locked down and for other parts of the time we have been recommended to work from home. To be honest I have never really prioritized to hang out at the coffee machine to have chit-chats with close and remote colleagues, but of course such meetings have been part of the everyday life at the office. But for the last 8 months there have been no occasional bumping into colleagues. Now you need to decide who you want…

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    Black Berry

    I live in a terraced-house (in US a town house, in UK a terraced house, in New England row-house) and by this follows that we only have a small piece of land (240 square meters in total), so no large orchard or flowerbeds, but even a small garden can provide you with pleasures. I love to go out in the garden and see that even though we are in a city area you find wild life and nature right in front of you eyes – and of course camera lens. Our garden is small, but even so it is split into 2, one in front of the house and one…

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    Copenhagen during lock down

    I got the urge to document how Copenhagen look like when the city is in the state of lock down. So one morning I got up early, and went into the city centre to get some photographic evidence of the state of Denmark. Of course with the thought of sharing my experience with you. So here is a small collection from my morning in the city. It was Saturday 28th of March 2020, pictures are taken between 7:30 and 9:30. On a normal Saturday my pictures would have been full of people going to work, people opening stores, people going home after a night in the city. I do not…

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