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    Visiting a Buddist temple

    A year a go I woke up on a thin madras laid out on a tiled floor. It was pit dark, it was 4:30 AM and I was woken by the roosters in the village starting to crow, they new that the sun would rise within 1,5-2 hours. As you can imagine I was not in my comfortable bed in DK, I was in Phosim village in Laos near Savannakhet where I was visiting a Laos family. We had a guide with us because very few Laos village people speak English or European languages. After a short while I could understand from noises in the house that it was time…

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    365 days ago

    365 days ago I was not in my home-office, neither in the company office with all the colleagues. I was traveling through Vietnam and Laos for my annual long vacation. On January 4 2020 I was visiting Savannakhet in Laos. We had walk in the city and met with our guide for next couple of day. Our ambitions for the day was low due to hard traveling the previous night and day. To get to Savannakhet we had left Hanoi with the train on January 2 in the evening. Sleeping (or trying to) for 12 hours until we disembarked in Dong Ha, waited 3 hours for the bus and drove…

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    Savannakhet or known under it’s official name Kaysome Phomvihane is the second largest city in Laos. It is said to have 120.000 inhabitants. Even though it’s large it seems small and quiet. I visited the town in January 2020, the dry season. We were told that it hadn’t rained since start of November and it was certainly dry. During the day temperatures was in the low 30’es Celsius, but as it was dry it was bearable. The city offers a few sights in the town The old quarter with old French houses Wat Wayaphoum Dinosaur Museum Historic Exhibition St. Teresas Church Mekong River So in the city you can take…

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