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Sigirya Fortress or the Lion Rock is an amazing attraction that attracts quiet a few visitors, both foreign and Sri Lankan.

The fortress seen from the guest house, it’s only raining a little

The fortress is built on the top of a rock that raises approximately 200 meters above the surrounding plain. It’s built around 455 AD by King Kashyapa. Think about climbing the rock by using only footsteps carved into the rock and probably some scaffolding in order to carry bricks an other materials to the building site at the top. Later staircases have been applied.

On the morning I visited the fortress it was raining heavily, visible not good but secured few visitors.
Small streams were running along the foot paths
The main entrance was originally placed between the paws of a giant stone lion, only the paws are left now

Most visitors brought umbrellas for protection, but found them selves soaked
Again seen from my guest house, with some rain
And with more rain

of course we couldn’t see the view from the fortress to the plain. And did not expect to be able to view the fortress from the neighboring Pindurangala rock. So we skipped climbing the Pindurangala in the rain

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