Eremitage sletten

A few kilometers north of Copenhagen you find the area Eremitage sletten as a part of Dyrehaven. Even though it is near the city, and actually surrounded by cities it appears like a wild habitat more than a park, except for the part with the paths for riding and walking and the golf course. I needed to practice my skills on the long lens before going on my winter trip, so when I saw the beautiful winter sun from an almost clear sky it was not a hard choice to drive the 3 km to combine a 5 km walk with the photo training.

Luckily there was some good motives for the exercise so I got several good shots, and could see that my skills with the long lens wasn’t as rusty as I feared.

The area is on the Unesco list of  World Heritage because of the Par Force hunting system, so when you go there you can experience more than just the animals and the nature.

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