Red deer with calf

Summer among deer

Summer in the Nordics means long light evenings, so we get an extra opportunity to get photos of our surroundings. I went to Dyrehaven for an evening hike, but bringing camera and a long lens made it take a bit longer.

There is a big chance to see the deer on an evening hike, but we have developed a saying that camera proximity keeps the deer away, as we often has experience that when we bring cameras we meet very few and when not bringing the cameras a lot. This Monday evening was quite different.

Here on the evening of solstice the calves was born some weeks ago and are now walking with the herd. When the calves are very young they tend to hide in the forest. The male deer lost their antlers during the spring and are now growing the new in velvet covers.

At home looking at the photos of the calves both my wife and I noticed that the calves (or fawns) has relative large ears compared to the adults. Maybe it’s like kittens that have relatively larger ears.

I have recently acquired a new camera – second hand – a Nikon D850. It was my first real tour with the D850, so I was excited to see what I could achieve with it. No reason to be disappointed, it provides better sharpness and more significant isolation of subject than the the old faithful D7200. The D7200 not doing a poor job, but new kid is more than a notch above. Trying out the new camera resulted in more than 400 photos to evaluate and edit, so here is a little selection.

A note for the images is that I have decided to run all coming galleries with 2 standard formats, 16:9 and 1:1. The first has the same format as most screens so it will seem nicer filling the whole or almost the whole screen. The latter often provides a good representation of the subject.

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