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Red Deer in Jægersborg Deerpark

I took a hike through the deerpark e few days back. As always in September and October it’s amazing to see how the otherwise peacefully Red Deer males turn crazy. You can hear their loud roar around the area, and if they happen to meet each other it can end with a fight.

He looks grownup, but not sure is he is strong enough to hold onto a herd of fawns
She’s the one all the fuss is about
He doesn’t appreciate me being around
A young fallow deer, not involved in the fun before late October
2 Red Deer females, the white is not an albino (look at the eyes) but a special white sub specie
I was about to leave this field, as nothing much happened, the he almost popped up
Half a minute later he had met the guy that thought he was in control at this field
They are pushing each other really hard, and from the noise you can hear that there are force behind the blows
The trespasser have learned his lesson, defeated he walks away. Nice and politely followed to the door by the host. It took 29 seconds from the trespasser approached the other guy until he was followed out
This guy have probably seen action during the day, so now he’s resting in the middle of the field
A male fallow deer
Can you hear me?
A few ravens are found in the deerpark, you hear them often and maybe see them flying high above. This time I was lucky to spot a pair in the top of a tall tree

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