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Buenos Aires – Jardin Botánico Carlos Thays

When visiting big cities you from time to time might need a break from all the noise and crowds. Parks are often such a place you’ll need, here I have found a suggestion for a little quiet moment that also provides entertainment if you like sculptures and plants. The botanical garden in BA provides a collection of flowers and plants – which is the standard feature – but also a series of sculptures.

Most of the sculptures are copies of classic artwork, but here copied by Argentinian artists, similar to what can be found around Europe where collections of cast plaster copies of statues are found.

The day I visited is was a bit dry, so the red dust from the path ways clung to my shoes and as you can see some of the sculptures are also red.

Few places in Buenos Aires are you able to forget you are in a big city, either there is traffic noise or the horizon is filled with high rice buildings.

Even in a botanical garden you’ll find that plants are a bit anarchistic and finds their own places to grow

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