Argentina is the first country I have visited on the American continents. As a European I have found Buenos Aires not to be very different from a southern European capital. But there are differences to BA and when you leave the capital they are more outspoken.

The country is very large, actual the 8th largest in the world. So don’t expect that you can do it in a fortnight or a month. Set aside 2-3 months to go properly. My first trip has been to Buenos Aires and the northern parts – both east and west. Argentina is not like Europe. If I ruin a tire on my car at home, I will call some workshops to get the best replacement price and have it replaced within a few hours. In Argentina I visit the only workshop, which didn’t have the tire in stock, so it had to be delivered from a town almost 200 km away, it did sometime the next day and the repaired wheel was delivered at my hotel at 9 pm. Of course it was not at a good price, think I could have gotten both rim and tire at home for the price.

So add some days to your travel schedule for unforeseen elements.

My travel covered Tucuman to Humuaca in the West, Iguazu to Corrientes in the East and Buenos Aires.

Fear the siesta

The siesta cannot be overlooked, if you have traveled in Spain you might have meet some mild way of siesta. In Argentine it more mandatory to have. At 12 you’ll notice things are beginning to slow down, on 1230 you experience full stop for almost any activities. Museums, shops, many kioskos and most restaurants will close down. So you better be prepared, you cannot be sure to by a meal, water, beer, in short anything in a small city. In larger cities you should be able to find a kiosko that will sell you candy, biscuits, water and soda water at overprice. Around five pm the city will begin to waken again, but don’t be surprised if it’s a little late, like 5.30 or 6.


End of siesta does not mean that restaurants are open for business. The Argentines have a habit of eating supper supper out, but they do not attend supper early. Your Lucky if you find a restaurant open at 8 pm, better wait until 9 pm to look around for supper. If you turn up at 9 you’ll be the first guest, the Argentines will not show up before 9.30, at the earliest, and will continue to arrive until round midnight. (separate article on food will arrive soon).

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