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Squirrel in the rain

Today I have been working in my home office 10 months and 1 day, so I have settled some routines for the day. First thing in the morning is to get in some fresh air and have a look outside into the garden behind the house. Today I was surprised to hear a rather loud scratching noise. It was easy to locate it to one of the fence poles, and in the dark I could see the squirrel. I sneaked back in to the basement to get my camera, first I mounted the 150-600 mm lens, then I pointed it out from of the window. Got a few shots (f/6, ISO 12.800, 1/80 sec., 380 mm) impossible settings for a good image quality, but it was almost half an hour before sunrise, so no option for other settings. But all in all, I can live with the quality. Just enjoy having nature right at my doorstep, even though I live in the city.

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