Meet the new deer

Again this year, June means that the red deer in Dyrehaven presents their new off-spring. Took a hike through the area and was happy to see some of the new born deer, they are a bit shaky when walking and running about. Then suddenly they – like any other young mammal – gets tired and must have a nap. They just lie down and almost disappear in the tall grass, but the older deer walks around them eating and resting.

2 young red deer
an anxious mother
Are you going to chase us?
just taking a nap while the others forages
There are also young males in the herd, looks like last years calf
Can’t just live of the grass, milk is also needed
Water lilies in on of the small ponds

All pictures was taking with my Nikon D850 fitted on a Tamron 150-600 mm G1 lens. Setting have been 350-600 mm for the images shown here, aperture f/8 with 1/400 sec exposure. ISO was set automatically.

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