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Winter is ending

Measured by the calendar last day of winter is the coming Monday, Tuesday will be spring. Today’s bright sky allow the sun to shine and provide a warming feeling. I was convinced, spring will be here soon.

But winter still have a little grip, can smear some frost and ice on the ground, puddles and lakes. Hit a few moments by the rays of the sun, the ice melts. So be out early to document the last days of winter.

Someone will be sorry, or at least have a cold hand if winter carries on
King Winter didn’t manage to cover the whole lake this night
Being ready for spring
No, the ice on the puddles couldn’t carry my weight and the mud on the bottom wasn’t frozen solid. So need to clean boots again
Almost no wind, just love the reflections in Taarbæk harbor
About 1.4 m deep, but still winter clear
Most boats have been on the quay for the winter
Bellevue beach park provides a view towards Copenhagen. Air temperature was about 5C
Even if ice was covering the sea they would get in, just cut a hole in the ice. In the rear the now decommissioned nuclear power plant Barsebäck in Sweden

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