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A hike around Bastrup Lake

Almost 11 months ago my office was shut down due to covid-19. I had taken to work from home a couple of days before due to a sour throat, so I just continued working from home. In between shop, cinemas, museums, theaters, malls and almost anything else has been subject to lock-down, reopen and lock-down again. In parallel we have be advised or commanded not to gather with others and crowds has been limited. To not going crazy from being locked up and not seeing anything my wife and I has taken on walking. 1 hour to 1.5 hour every week day we hike through the forests near our home. So much that the forest has become a little to familiar, it’s about as walking around your backyard. So in the weekends we try to get away and experience something new, because during weekends we can accommodate a longer drive to the area where we will take our walk or hike.

Saturday February 6 wasn’t any different, we aimed the car an area a bit further away than the surrounding nearby forests to have our exercise and to have a least a minimal mental input. The destination was Bastrup lake – some 25 minutes from home. The lake or its surroundings is the origin of the stream Mølleåen (Mill’s stream in a home made translation) that passes near (1.5 km) by hour home. Lot of our daily hikes takes us to areas along the stream, so we wanted to see where it originates from. We parked near the ruin of an old guards tower named Bastrup tower. Following the paths around the lake is quite easy and the paths is not challenging, except for the icy conditions this cold February day. The route around the lake is not the most impressive an unfortunately you’ll have to walk along a country road on some of it. However we enjoyed the 7.6 Km.

Weather was a rare setup of winter, -4 degrees Celsius, clear blue sky and light to medium wind. With windchill temperature it simulated -10. But when out of the wind and in the sun it was pleasant. It provided for some unusual bright images for the winter.

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