A cold morning at the beach

it was 7:00 AM, the thermometer showed -12C when I pushed START button on the dash board in the car, to drive the 10 Km to Bellevue Beach park. The aim was to be there before sunrise, which was at 7:38 AM, no problem.

I have on other occasions visited this beach for sunrise, it has been a rather lonesome experience maybe an occasional wanderer, a dog walker or a winter bather. But never 5 or more on the beach at the same time. This morning there was several people on the beach when we arrived and the numbers increased as fast a the day light approached. Everybody was keen on photographing the iconic life-guard towers on the piers. Unlike other times the sun actually rose to a clear blue sky, not a single cloud in sight, so we probably all got some nice shots of the sunrise over Øresund.

The fuss that got people crowding the beach was of course that similar images had hit Instagram the days before. So now on a Saturday morning, during a Covid-19 lock down, everybody of course needed to go.

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