Some calls Mrauk-U for little Bagan. The area is much smaller than Bagan and it holds fewer temples and sights than Bagan. Temples in Mrauk-U is not the same style as in Bagan, they seems heavier build. The first Europeans in Burma actually mistook the temples for fortresses because of the heavy look.

While the archaeological set-up is very like Bagan, the tourist set-up is not. There is not the same intensity of tourists in the area and the Burmese are not as eager to sell gods and services as in Bagan. This makes the visit more relaxed than a visit to Bagan.

You can visit the temples in the city just by walking, but to see some of the temples on the outskirts you should rent a bike or a taxi. Even though most roads are dirt roads you can ride a bike in the area.

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