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December Light…

I’m not a fan of winter in the Nordic countries, temperatures will be dropping from comfortable to freezing and light seems to disappear. Currently sun will rise around 8:30 and go down again around 15:30, it should provide 7 hours of daylight. But the last 3-4 weeks the weather has not been helping the access to daylight, it has been heavy overcast and rain full, removing even more of the precious daylight (not full fairness to the weather, as there have been 2-3 days with actual sun light for some hours). I’m longing back to midsummer where there will be 17½ hours of daylight :-).

To show the difference I have prepared the below set of images, taken on December 14, just after ‘sun rise’. It’s almost 180 days since my last entry – from midsummer – so you can feel the Nordic span of daylight.

The pictures has been taken on the local cemetery Mariebjerg, which is also used as a park.

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