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The Man Behind the Site

The sites creator and maintainer is Niels Hansen, a fresh young mann from ’64. If you are in need for a fresh young guy for manual labour please look elsewhere.

Since 1993 i have been working with IT, economy, sale and management. Education wise I started out from Copenhagen Business School by earning a Bachelor in Business Administration, it has been supplemented with a sole part of the Master and the Diploma education in BA. Afterwords I have been trained in management of graphic arts production (in the nineteen something before digitalisation), SQL Server, Administration of SGI IRIX, ITIL, Sales, Negotiation, Presentation among others. Should you be interested in my worklife please have a look at Linkedin.

At home I succeeded in having 2 kids during the early 90thies and in 2005 I had the luck to upgrade the OS to Wife 2.0

You’ll find my interest reflected on the pages around this page.

I use the site to confront the world – NOT the only mean – and provide my unsolicited opinion about every corner of the world. Further it is a way to be visible but not to be inflicted by the buzzards of privacy upon Facebook and Google. Your data is yours and my data is mine.

Sites bagmand, skribent og fotograf
Behind the site you’ll find a young man. Photo: Bente Hoffmann
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