Stung Treng

A sleepy province and town were the rivers Mekong and Sekong meets. The main event in and around town seems to be the Mekong river and the Irrawaddy Dolphins living near the border towards Laos.

We hired a boat and sailed 3.5 hours north in hope to spot some of the dolphins. We did actually got at glimpse of a few dolphins when they emerged to breathe, not enough to get a relevant photo. When we were there we went to the waterfalls that apparently separates the Mekong in two, as fish or boats are not able to pass the falls.

Within town the Women’s Development project Mekong Blue is worth a visit. You can see and get explained how silk is used to produce bed-linen and scarves. They run a cafĂ© there as well. It’s placed in the most eastern part of town, so the easiest way to go there is to hire a moto or a tuk-tuk.

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