I have been very fond of traveling in Myanmar, people we have meet in the country has been very welcoming, friendly and helpful. We went there on 3 longer visits i the time between ‘free’ elections to the parliament was announced and to just after Aung San Suu Kyi entered office. But after i became clear that the handling of the Rohingya population in Rakhine state could not be criticized enough we have decided not to go to Myanmar again before human rights is established for all citizens in the country.








Myanmar Southern part

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Yangon has not been the capital of Myanmar since 2005 when the government moved to Naypyidaw, which is located between Yangon and Mandalay. But Yangon is by far the largest city in Myanmar, according to an article on Wikipedia its around 5 mill. Inhabitants. Some locals claims that more than 8 mill. live in the […]

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Yan Kin Hill

Yan Kin Hill is found at the east end of the 19th street, the easiest way to get there is to hire a taxi or ride a bike. As with Mandalay hill the sight is a series of pagodas and monasteries place on the hill. Yan kin hill is not as crowded as Mandalay hill […]

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Visiting Yangon in 2013

We arrived to Yangon International Airport where our pre-arrival visas where exchanged to a sticker in our passport. There was a little queue so the process from arrival to getting in to the arrival area took about 35 minutes. Remembering stories about the old days in Eastern Europe we thought it was fairly quick.While we […]

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U Bein Bridge

This iconic bridge apparently is a must see in Mandalay. I will say the bridge looks well at all times of the day, but it is specially amazing when seen in the twilight (either before sun up or after sun set). I’ve heard that it can be hard to get a view of the bridge […]

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Railroads in Myanmar is operated by the government, so if you travel by train you’ll support the government financial – but that might not be so big a problem after November 8th 2015. The railroads are basically the same as the ones the British laid out before they left in 1948, and I wouldn’t be […]

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Some calls Mrauk-U for little Bagan. The area is much smaller than Bagan and it holds fewer temples and sights than Bagan. Temples in Mrauk-U is not the same style as in Bagan, they seems heavier build. The first Europeans in Burma actually mistook the temples for fortresses because of the heavy look. While the […]

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Teak Temple

A more than 100 years old temple build from teak wood. It’s located in a peace full garden and you are allowed to go in. Some of monks are eager to talk with the visitors, so allow yourself a chat with them even though not everybody is fluent in English. Several places on the building […]

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The taxi is a good idea when you are going around in a city, at least it will protect you from the traffic and weary feats, save you time and might be comfortable. If you have only been in a taxi in Europe you think of taxis as a uniform experience, forget it in Myanmar […]

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Sule Pagoda

The pagoga is situated next to the City hall in the middle of a roundabout. The roads that intersects at the roundabout is having 2-3 lanes in each direction, so getting to the pagoda requires good skills as a pedestrian. The pagoda is claimed to founded 2.500 years ago and to be holding a shrine […]

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Shwedagon Pagoda

The largest pagoda Shwedagon is found approximately 3.5 Km north of the city centre, a ride by taxi from the city centre will take 10-30 minutes depending on traffic, the charge will be around 5.000 Kyats. As it is a major religious landmark for Buddhists they are travelling from not only Myanmar but from all […]

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Shwe Taung Pagoda

The Shwe Taung Pagoda is the best place in Mrauk-U to watch the sun rise. The temples is located on one of the highest hill tops in Mrauk-U and it has a free view all over the area. To find it you must go by the road out of town towards Magdwe, just after you […]

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Sagaing Hill

Sagaing hill is not in Mandalay itself, but approximately 20 km south west of Mandalay city centre. It’s a fine place for a day trip. The easiest way to go is to hire a taxi to take you around in the area.We went to a weavers workshop, they operated both semi-automatic weaves and fully manual […]

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Pyin Oo Lwin

Pyin Oo Lwin is located 40 km north-east of Mandalay, the easiest way to get there is to buy a seat in a shared taxi. When we took the trip it took almost 2 hours from we started near the train station in Mandalay until we arrived at Pyin Oo Lwin city center. Almost 45 […]

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If you don’t want to rattle and bumping along the roads or railroads of Myanmar, despite it rather low fare charge, you can choose between a number of airlines with domestic operation. The routes covers all of the country from Kaw Thaung in south to Puta O in north. Most domestic routes are operated with […]

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Peoples Park

The Peoples park is found in the same area as Shwedagon, or just across U Wisara Road from Shwedagon. The park can be a break from the city’s noisy traffic and the many people in Shwedagon. It’s a pleasant site with several plants, flower and pond arrangements. Like many other places you’ll find young Burmese […]

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Ngwe Saung Beach

When you have left Europe during the winter you are likely to long for summer, I do. With summer I think of a visit to a beach to swim in the ocean. Myanmar provides several opportunities to do so. I have found that Ngwe Saung Beach is a lovely spot for recreation. You find an […]

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The port of Myeik provides the access to the archipelago which I think is the most valuable element from the city. The city is situated on the coast of the Andaman Sea, just north of the Tanintharyi River. To get to Myeik you must either come by bus or by plane. From north you’ll have […]

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Mrauk-U is an ancient capital of the Arakanese Kingdom and was established I 1433. The city is situated in the north western part of Myanmar in the Rahine state. To get to Mrauk-U you can either take a plane to Sittwe and from there a bus or boat to Mrauk-U or you can take a […]

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Motor bike taxi

You’ll find them everywhere. The bike is typical fitted with a 75-150 ccm and in scooter design. If you are Burmese you would probably think such a device can seat 3-4 , but I recommend to limit it to the driver and one passenger. In the cities the motorbike taxi can progress faster than the […]

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Meilamu Pagoda

This is a curiosity of a temple, very colourful and with strange decoration. Someone has called it a Disney land temple, it will take approximate half an hour to stroll around the temple area. I think it’s worth the effort to make a visit, to see that not all Burmese temples are straightly decorated like […]

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Marble carvers

In the south end of Mandalay city you find a street where all workshops are dealing with marble cutting. Workshop might seem as a more fancy word than what you experience in the streets. Most of the shops are only a shed with 3 walls and part of a roof, the work is performed mostly […]

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Mandalay Hill

In the northern part of Mandalay you’ll find Mandalay Hill with it’s pagoda. When you walk up the hill you’ll probably think that it is not one pagoda but a series of pagodas. At the entrance you are meet by to very large lion like sculptures or correctly name chinthes. The chinthes are the guardians […]

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Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar and is the capital of Mandalay Region. Mandalay has served as the Burmese capital for a short notice from 1857 through 1885. The status as a capital was removed by the British annextation. When you look at the map you’ll find Mandalay approximately in the middle of […]

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Mahamuni Pagoda

If you’ve been to the gold pounders district and experienced how thin gold can be flatted you’ll will probably have a hard time to believe what you see in this pagoda. The main attraction is the central Buddha statue, which is fitted in the centre of the pagoda. A long carpet clad passage in front […]

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Maha Bandoola Garden

Next to the City hall and Sule pagoda lays a park. Sometimes it spelled Maha Bandoola Garden and sometimes Maha Vandoola Park. When you need a break from walking the streets in the city it’s nice to buy a snack and relax in the park like many Burmese do. You’ll easily find either some deep […]

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Leaving Mrauk-U (or getting there)

Of course you can take the boat back to Sittwe and a plane from there. It’s straight forward, but it will set you back $130-200 per person. We wanted to try something different and we had previously with success taken a local intercity bus. After some research on the internet – prior to our trip […]

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Kuthodaw Pagoda

The pagoda is home the worlds largest book. Mindon Min had Tripitaka carved in stone in the 1860’s to secure that the book would last until 4.000 years after the Buddha. The book is set up in small stupas – one for each page or stone slab – arranged in rows and columns. The sighting […]

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Inya lake

A green oasis north of Shwedagon, take a stroll on the promenade along the embankment. Don’t expect to find a free bench on the path because they will probably all be occupied by young Burmese, as students from the nearby university uses the area on the west embankment of the lake for recreation. On the […]

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Hsi paw

Hsi Paw is placed in Shan State where it is the principal town. An easy way and quite interesting way to get there is to take the train from either Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin. I recommend to take the train from Pyin Oo Lwin, because the train takes 4 hours from Mandalay to Pyin […]

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Hpa-An is situated in the Karen state were it is the capital. It is in the northern part of the south Myanmar. Even though it is the state capital and has approximately 75.000 inhabitants it feels like a small city. The houses are lower than what you find in Yangon and Mandalay, most only 2-3 […]

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