Street Photo

I enjoy to experience life in the streets where ever I go. Just looking at how people go around between each other in the streets of our cities and interact with each other is interesting. So why not combine that interest with my photo hobby? I do from time to time, mostly while travelling.

Litter in Copenhagen

When you are visiting a city, either your home town or some foreign city you probably at some point in time want to enjoy a drink or snack, some body also take a smoke. What do you do with the packaging or leftovers? Off course, you take it to the nearest garbage bin, because you […]

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Hanoi in the Rain

When someone mentions Hanoi, you probably think of a busy, noisy and hot city. But it can be different. I was in Hanoi in January 2020, around the Lunar new year and the 3 parameters above was not in play. First it was only around 15 degrees Celsius and it rained now and then. Second […]

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Copenhagen during lock down

I got the urge to document how Copenhagen look like when the city is in the state of lock down. So one morning I got up early, and went into the city centre to get some photographic evidence of the state of Denmark. Of course with the thought of sharing my experience with you. So […]

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