It’s easy to find good scenes in the nature, you can either look at the landscape itself or it can be with people or animals in it. I do not have any straight line between landscape and nature images, but nature images tends to have people or animals in the image.

Winter is ending

Measured by the calendar last day of winter is the coming Monday, Tuesday will be spring. Today’s bright sky allow the sun to shine and provide a warming feeling. I was convinced, spring will be here soon. But winter still have a little grip, can smear some frost and ice on the ground, puddles and […]

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Windy Day at the Beach

During easter I visited my family in the northern Jutland, Good Friday I went to the beach. First type just after sunrise and second time in the early afternoon. The light was fine with blue sky on both occasions, but the wind was high, reducing comfort to a minimum. But I could bring home a […]

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Whale watching

To me whales have always been exotic animals, I cannot reach the and see them during my daily life. Sometimes with a good portion of luck I can see their smaller cousins the harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in Danish coastal waters, but bigger whales are very rarely visitors to Danish sea. So getting to a […]

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Weekend ved Lyngby sø

I weekenden den 3.-4. oktober gik jeg 2 ture ved Lyngby sø, den første lørdag eftermiddag i flot solskin og søndag morgen i tåge. Det gav mulighed for nogle billeder af samme sted, men med meget forskellige udtryk. Her et lille udpluk.

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Vinterbilleder med en lille fjer på

Jeg fik pludselig øje på en fjer fanget i en enkelt tråd fra et edderkoppespind, så der var god tid til at fange detaljer.

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vinter 2012

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Nu har jeg gået i et par måneder og nydt at haven kunne passe sig selv. Græsset groede ikke, bladene faldt ned og blæste bort, kort sagt den ideelle tid for en doven husejer. Sådan kunne det for så vidt godt fortsætte en rum tid hvis det stod til mig, men nu skal vejrguderne ødelægge […]

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Summer in the garden

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Summer among deer

Summer in the Nordics means long light evenings, so we get an extra opportunity to get photos of our surroundings. I went to Dyrehaven for an evening hike, but bringing camera and a long lens made it take a bit longer. There is a big chance to see the deer on an evening hike, but […]

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Squirrel in the rain

Today I have been working in my home office 10 months and 1 day, so I have settled some routines for the day. First thing in the morning is to get in some fresh air and have a look outside into the garden behind the house. Today I was surprised to hear a rather loud […]

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Spring is hesitating?

The calendar has shown spring for a month now, some days have been warm and sunny. But some days the morning are cold and frosty, yesterday it even snowed a little, is spring hesitating this year?

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Spring is here, life is coming back

This week temperature has risen to almost comfortable levels – 10-15 degrees Celsius. This means that insects and flowers are emerging i larger numbers, so I grabbed the camera with the Sigma 105 f/2.8 Macro lens and spent an hour on the ground in the garden. Even though photos here are taken on f/10 to […]

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Spring is folding out

Every day you can see a development in the signs of spring. I been watching the trees and bushes in my garden the latest days, and it’s quite clear that we are on the move towards brighter times.

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Spring in Dyrehaven

Spring is definitely here, fresh leaves are all over and animals are presenting their new off-spring. I went to Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen the last couple of hours before sunset, hoping to get a few pictures of deer in the spring. Think I did, just browse through the gallery.

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Spring has arrived

As expected from looking at the calendar, it’s spring. But now you can see it clearly in the garden and nature

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Reersoe, it used to be an Island

At the west side of Zealand (Sjæland in Danish) you find a small peninsula called Reersø. Ending with an Ø indicates that it was named as an island. And sure enough it has been an island, but during the 17 century sediments in the bay between the island and Zealand made a connection and in […]

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Red Deer in the Rutting season

Close to my home is Dyrehaven, a closed area but more nature than park. It’s home for 3 species of deer, in all more than 2.000 deer. Of those 2.000 3-400 are Red deer, and they have their Rutting season during September and October. As the area is quite small you can experience the deer […]

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Red Deer in the Rutting Season

I spent a couple of hours in Jægersborg dyrehave to photograph the Red deer. Started the tour 1.5 hours before sunset and headed home about half an hour after sunset. This time of day provides the best chance to meet the deer, can also do it around sunrise.

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Peninsula Valdez, walking along the beach

My trip to Argentina have taken me to Peninsula Valdez, which is located at the Atlantic coast of Argentina around 42 degrees south and 64 degrees west of Greenwich. So in the middle of November the time of year is at late spring. This means weather can be a little cold but also nice & […]

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Nu er det ‘Sommer’ ved Lyngby Sø

Kalenderen har sagt sommer nogle dage, men ligefrem sommerligt synes jeg ikke det var da jeg gik en tur langs Lyngby sø. Men jeg tog lige en serie billeder af fuglelivet ved søen. Fuglene bekræfter at det må være sommer, for gæslingerne var vokset til anseelig størrelse og der var udklækket ællinger.Desværre observerede jeg en […]

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November 2010

En serie billeder af den tidlige vinter i november 2010

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No doubt, it’s spring

Did a hike through a nearby forest – Jægersborg Hegn north of Copenhagen – and got some proof that spring is here.

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Near new year in Dyrehave (Deer Garden)

A nice stroll through the Deer Garden on the second last day of 2018 brought me some photos of the deer living there. Unfortunately the light was not as generous as one could hope, so ended up with ISO at 1600 which provides a little noise. Haven’t removed the noise as it would also remove […]

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Når svalerne drikker

Pinsesøndag blev benyttet til en udflugt til Fuglsang kunstmuseum og herregård. Museet må der ikke fotograferes på, så der spares alle for mine optagelser af det. Men det skal siges at det er et ganske pænt museum, det er ikke omfangsrig monumentalt som SMK og Aros, men i en størrelse hvor vi kunne se alt […]

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Meet the new deer

Again this year, June means that the red deer in Dyrehaven presents their new off-spring. Took a hike through the area and was happy to see some of the new born deer, they are a bit shaky when walking and running about. Then suddenly they – like any other young mammal – gets tired and […]

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Malik, the Storm

The worst storm in Denmark in 5 years was named Malik. It ended up being classified as a category 2 storm, big media fuss and closed traffic services all over the country. In many other places around the world a category 2 storm would hardly raise an eyebrow. But OK, as you see the worst […]

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Malik the storm is approaching

As mentioned above, the wind will increase during the night peaking just between night and dawn. So think I’ll go back and see how it looks at the verge of a hurricane.

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Litter in Covid-19 times

Lock-down has changed my habits, I don’t ride the bike to-from work because I only go down the stairs to my basement office. But I need some regular exercise, so I’m up for a daily walk with my wife. We have always been visiting the parks and forests in our local area, but now it’s […]

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Jægersborg dyrehave

En tur i Jægersborg dyrehave er nem måde at komme ud i naturen, uden at skulle køre langt væk fra byen. Der er ofte mulighed for at opleve hjorte – der er flere arter i området – denne søndag mødte vi dog kun Sika hjorte. Alle billederne i galleriet er taget med Nikon D7200 og […]

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