From time to time I go in close to the subject. For this I have for a long time just used my ordinary lenses with a set of extension tubes – allows you to place the subject very close to the front of the lens – to achieve 1:1 size between the real world and the image on the camera sensor. Later on I have purchased a genuine macro lens of good quality, so more real close ups will come in the future.

Spring is here, life is coming back

This week temperature has risen to almost comfortable levels – 10-15 degrees Celsius. This means that insects and flowers are emerging i larger numbers, so I grabbed the camera with the Sigma 105 f/2.8 Macro lens and spent an hour on the ground in the garden. Even though photos here are taken on f/10 to […]

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Spring is folding out

Every day you can see a development in the signs of spring. I been watching the trees and bushes in my garden the latest days, and it’s quite clear that we are on the move towards brighter times.

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Spring has arrived

As expected from looking at the calendar, it’s spring. But now you can see it clearly in the garden and nature

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Sommerfotos, indendørs, det regnede

Det var regnvej i juli, så jeg har taget nogle indendørsbilleder. Til disse har jeg brugt mit nye closeupfilter +8, til at komme ret tæt på motivet. Klik på “ImageView” for at se billederne

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Lidt macro på altanen

Jeg har ikke rigtig haft tid og når jeg så har haft det har vejret ikke været sommerligt og indbydende. Resulatet er ihvertfald at kameraet har været ret ubrugt i denne sommer. Som en lille smule kompensation brugte jeg en halv times tid på altanen med at lave nogle næroptagelser af blomsterne og beboerne deri.

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Getting close to spring

I have tried to take a close look on what is coming forth in the spring.

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Er efteråret startet?

Da jeg kom ud i haven lørdag formiddag, var det første mit blik faldt på et imponerende edderkoppespind, hvor en ikke mindre imponerende korsedderkop sad mid i spindet og solede sig. Spindet var meget større end dem vi har fundet i haven i ‘sommerens’ løb, så jeg kunne ikke undgå mistanken at edderkoppen mener det […]

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Busy bees

Have you ever wonder over the name busy bee? I was sitting next to the flowerbed in the garden and I could absolutely understand why it’s named that way. I had my 105 mm macro lens on the camera and was trying to get a good shot of one of the buzzing fellows. I had […]

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A photo trip into the garden

A nice thing about having a garden is that i provides opportunities an easy way to go on a photo shoot. Especially during the summer when flowers are in full bloom and is attracting insects. So equipped with my camera, macro lens and tripod I walked the 10 meter long journey into the flowerbed. A […]

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