You all know what landscape photos are and what street photos are, but in this category I have place photos that are more like landscape than street, but I don’t consider them landscape because they picture the city.

Winter in Denmark

Danish weather is not know for it’s stability nor for it’s predictability, so no time to wonder when you experience the whole lifecycle off a season within 4 days. Friday December 10 2021 started out cold, below 0 degrees Celsius, and in the afternoon it began to snow. Saturday I was away and could not […]

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Street art in Buenos Aires

Traveled to Argentina in November 2022 among other to experience another tour around to see street art in Buenos Aires. Street art is every where in the city, of course more in some areas than others. Some of the time we just watched it while walking along the streets. But we also went on an […]

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Street Art in Barcelona

Like any other big city Barcelona has a scene for Street Art. I went with the local street art tour for a walk through the “El Raval” neighborhood, starting at the Museum of Modern Art Barcelona and ending the tour at the “Jardin de tres Xemeneies”. A nice 2 hours walk accompanied by a guide […]

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Squirrel in the rain

Today I have been working in my home office 10 months and 1 day, so I have settled some routines for the day. First thing in the morning is to get in some fresh air and have a look outside into the garden behind the house. Today I was surprised to hear a rather loud […]

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Nu er det vinter

Kalenderen siger at nu er vinteren begyndt, mandag morgen skal der vinterdæk på kareten, det har været småkoldt i flere uger. Alt sammen nogenlunde forventeligt og tildels acceptabelt, men at man lige uden for sin altandør skal finde håndgribelige beviser på vinterens komme er træls. Men her er sæsonnes første høst af istapper… Nå, det […]

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Sommerens ferie gik bl.a. til Strandby, hvor jeg gik en tur langs med havnen med kameraet. Her lige et par pluk af de billeder jeg synes blev mest vellykkede.

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Hanoi in the Rain

When someone mentions Hanoi, you probably think of a busy, noisy and hot city. But it can be different. I was in Hanoi in January 2020, around the Lunar new year and the 3 parameters above was not in play. First it was only around 15 degrees Celsius and it rained now and then. Second […]

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t’s the nearest big city to my home in outskirts of Copenhagen. It takes around 4 hours to drive there, so for a short vacation or long week-end it’s doable. Even though Hamburg was blasted to smetherines during the WWII it has been rebuilt, and historical part have not just be rebuild with 1950-60-70 architecture, […]

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Godt nytår

Jeg startede fotoåret med f/8, ISO 100 og 2 sek fra altanen.Ambitionen var såmænd at tage fotos af nytårets 320 mio kr. dyre fyrværkeri. Indstillingerne viste sig at medføre udtværing af fyrværkeriet, sikkert på grund at den forholdsvis kraftige vind. Derfor reducerede jeg belysningen til 1 sek og senere 0,5 sek, som er tiderne for […]

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Fireworks, is it beautiful?

When I was a kid and young I was fascinated by fireworks, it was a thrill to light the fuse and wait for the ignition. No matter if it was a rocket or a fountain, it was a thrill! (firecrackers was banned in Denmark in the early 70’s due to inflicted damages). My father ran […]

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You have probably heard about Elsinore, but not as a town with an interesting old town with funny small details to enjoy. Most know the city from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but the other is absolutely worth to spend time on – if you happen to visit the city and want to see something other than the […]

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Copenhagen Springtime

Just some shots from Copenhagen in early days of April 2019. Cherry trees are also blossoming and of course it is like a block buster. Crowds of people flock to the churchyard with the cherry alley, so it can be hard to get a shot of the trees or the flowers. If you want a […]

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Copenhagen on Christmas Morning

The weather forecast for Christmas day was bright blue sky with sun, so my wife and I decided for an early morning tour through Copenhagen. We started out more than half an hour before sunrise (it’s not as early as it sounds) to take pictures of the newly installed artwork on the pier next to […]

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Copenhagen during lock down

I got the urge to document how Copenhagen look like when the city is in the state of lock down. So one morning I got up early, and went into the city centre to get some photographic evidence of the state of Denmark. Of course with the thought of sharing my experience with you. So […]

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Copenhagen at Midsummers Morning

I took a stroll through Copenhagen harbour on Midsummers morning, just before the city woke. It’s a special experience to see the city with no – or rather very few – people. And when the weather shows it’s best side, sun, no clouds and no wind then you can get some amazing photos. I’ve just […]

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Can I take photos with an iPhone

Normally I mostly use my phone camera to copy paper documents or taking a photo to document an issue I need to remember, I do rarely think of my phone photos as part of a creative process. I don’t fell I’m in control of the photos. I can’t find how to easily switch to manual […]

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Buenos Aires – Jardin Botánico Carlos Thays

When visiting big cities you from time to time might need a break from all the noise and crowds. Parks are often such a place you’ll need, here I have found a suggestion for a little quiet moment that also provides entertainment if you like sculptures and plants. The botanical garden in BA provides a […]

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Black and White from Copenhagen

From time to time I chose to convert images from the usual color to B&W, think it brings out other aspects of the image. If I’m experiencing a dull light – e.g. full grey overcast – conversion to B&W can improve the image. Here is a couple of examples that was not taken under a […]

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Bilkirkegården i Ryd

Pinselørdag tog vi på en ekspedition til Småland, ikke for at se på Emil eller Lönneberg, men for at se på bilvrag der er ved at ruste op i en gammel tørvemose. Hovedformålet med turen var at fotografere bilerne, for når der er løv på træerne og lidt sollys er der mulighed for at lave […]

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A newer part of Copenhagen

Copenhagen have been expanding with new areas over the last 20-30 years. Such an area is of course the harbor that was being needed less and less after gods moved from smaller ships to large container ships. So old warehouses and industrial building have been removed and replaced with accommodation for new citizens. I took […]

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4 seconds

Have you ever wondered what will happen in you life in the next 4 seconds? I have often evaluated what will happen – or more often what would I like to happen – to me within the next 1/2 year or so. But honestly the next few seconds, between rarely and never had I thought […]

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