One of my hobbies is photography. Luckily it’s easy to combine with other activities like traveling, hiking, museum visits etc. So sometimes I take pictures while I enjoy some other activity and at other occations photographing is the core activity. 

You’ll find pictures in almost any post I have in this site as it illustrates the stories. In this section you’ll find photos from sessions where photographing was the core activity.

Red Deer in the Rutting season

Close to my home is Dyrehaven, a closed area but more nature than park. It’s home for 3 species of deer, in all more than 2.000 deer. Of those 2.000 3-400 are Red deer, and they have their Rutting season during September and October. As the area is quite small you can experience the deer […]

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Blackberries III

Here in the start of September my early blackberry bush is almost empty of berries. I have had the success to harvest the most of them, maybe due to the green net put on top of the bush. Or the birds had chosen to go for other foods. But unfortunately a blackberry bush grows quite […]

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Black Berry II

Almost 2 months ago I posted some images of bees working on the flowers on my black berry bush, hoping that the bees work would result in fine berries. It has, during the the in between time I have seen berries grow and go from green to red to the fine ripe black berries. As […]

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Fallow deer in Dyrehaven

In the evening at the last day of July I went to Jægersborg Dyrehave, north of Copenhagen, hoping to meet some deer. The area hosts more than 2.000 deer of 3 different species. This evening most of them seemed to be seeking for hideouts, so we only spotted a few Fallow deer and some birds. […]

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Black Berry

I live in a terraced-house (in US a town house, in UK a terraced house, in New England row-house) and by this follows that we only have a small piece of land (240 square meters in total), so no large orchard or flowerbeds, but even a small garden can provide you with pleasures. I love […]

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Faxe Limestone Quarry

Almost 80 km from Copenhagen is a small town – Fakse (sometimes Faxe) – situated on top of a limestone quarry. I’ll not state that the town itself is worth the 45 minutes drive from Copenhagen, it looks like any other small town. But as limestone quarries are very few in Denmark it seemed like […]

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Copenhagen during lock down

I got the urge to document how Copenhagen look like when the city is in the state of lock down. So one morning I got up early, and went into the city centre to get some photographic evidence of the state of Denmark. Of course with the thought of sharing my experience with you. So […]

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Hanoi in the Rain

When someone mentions Hanoi, you probably think of a busy, noisy and hot city. But it can be different. I was in Hanoi in January 2020, around the Lunar new year and the 3 parameters above was not in play. First it was only around 15 degrees Celsius and it rained now and then. Second […]

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December Light…

I’m not a fan of winter in the Nordic countries, temperatures will be dropping from comfortable to freezing and light seems to disappear. Currently sun will rise around 8:30 and go down again around 15:30, it should provide 7 hours of daylight. But the last 3-4 weeks the weather has not been helping the access […]

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Copenhagen at Midsummers Morning

I took a stroll through Copenhagen harbour on Midsummers morning, just before the city woke. It’s a special experience to see the city with no – or rather very few – people. And when the weather shows it’s best side, sun, no clouds and no wind then you can get some amazing photos. I’ve just […]

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Copenhagen Springtime

Just some shots from Copenhagen in early days of April 2019. Cherry trees are also blossoming and of course it is like a block buster. Crowds of people flock to the churchyard with the cherry alley, so it can be hard to get a shot of the trees or the flowers. If you want a […]

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Litter in Copenhagen

When you are visiting a city, either your home town or some foreign city you probably at some point in time want to enjoy a drink or snack, some body also take a smoke. What do you do with the packaging or leftovers? Off course, you take it to the nearest garbage bin, because you […]

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Near new year in Dyrehave (Deer Garden)

A nice stroll through the Deer Garden on the second last day of 2018 brought me some photos of the deer living there. Unfortunately the light was not as generous as one could hope, so ended up with ISO at 1600 which provides a little noise. Haven’t removed the noise as it would also remove […]

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Spring is Here

One of the last days of April My wife and I went to Museum of Modern Art Louisiana. We saw pottery made by Picasso, quite interesting what he could do to ordinary pottery. However I did not take pictures in the exhibition, but later in the park I got some shots of the emerging springtime. […]

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An evening in Jægersborg Dyrehave

My wife and I spent the last hour before sunset and half an hour after by walking through the forest Jægersborg Dyrehave. The spring is evolving before our eyes, the leaves has appeared on some trees and are just about to do on the remaining trees, the deers has lost their antlers and are getting […]

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Windy Day at the Beach

During easter I visited my family in the northern Jutland, Good Friday I went to the beach. First type just after sunrise and second time in the early afternoon. The light was fine with blue sky on both occasions, but the wind was high, reducing comfort to a minimum. But I could bring home a […]

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Jægersborg dyrehave

En tur i Jægersborg dyrehave er nem måde at komme ud i naturen, uden at skulle køre langt væk fra byen. Der er ofte mulighed for at opleve hjorte – der er flere arter i området – denne søndag mødte vi dog kun Sika hjorte. Alle billederne i galleriet er taget med Nikon D7200 og […]

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Tegners Skulturpark in Russia

I have on earlier occasions been to Rudolph Tegners Skulpturpark in north Zeeland, the area is actually called Russia. On all the other occasions it has been bright day light, and nice temperatures. But spontaneously I got the idea that it could be nice with pictures taken just before sun rise. So I went there […]

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Eremitage sletten

A few kilometers north of Copenhagen you find the area Eremitage sletten as a part of Dyrehaven. Even though it is near the city, and actually surrounded by cities it appears like a wild habitat more than a park, except for the part with the paths for riding and walking and the golf course. I […]

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Cold Autumn Morning at the Beach

I went to the Bellevue beach north of Copenhagen to watch the sun rise. I had to spend 5-10 minutes to clear ice of the car before I could go, so a bit chilly. I was at the beach half an hour before sun rise and stayed there 10 minutes after. Then I went to […]

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Autum in Raadvad

Images from the early autmn in Stampen and Raadvad, just north of Copenhagen. ” order_by=”imagedate” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

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Rudolph Tegners museum

I Dronningmølle ligger området Rusland med lyngklædte bakker, egetræer og nåletræer. For enden af museumsvej ligger et indhegnet område, det er frit tilgængeligt året rundt, hvor der er opstillet en række skulpturer alle af Rudolph Tegner. ” order_by=”imagedate” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

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A Walk Along the Beach

During my summervacation i went for a short walk along the beach in nothern Jutland. The weather had improved dramatically since yesterday, it wasn’t raining today 🙂 So it was safe to bring out the camera for at few shots of the beach. If you want to experience this particular beach yourself you can easily […]

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Before sunrise

I have for years been thinking of a photo. I have been knowing how to take and when on the day, just before sunrise. As you might know most of the year the sun comes up pretty early in Denmark. And during week-ends I do not tend to be an early riser, and I like […]

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Bagsværd Sø

I went to Bagsværd Sø in hope to get a good view of the sunset. It was official 3 degrees, but a little wind made it rather nasty to be there. After 40 minutes my hands were frozen, despite gloves. As you might see on some of the photos the lake was already beginning to […]

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Bilkirkegården i Ryd

Pinselørdag tog vi på en ekspedition til Småland, ikke for at se på Emil eller Lönneberg, men for at se på bilvrag der er ved at ruste op i en gammel tørvemose. Hovedformålet med turen var at fotografere bilerne, for når der er løv på træerne og lidt sollys er der mulighed for at lave […]

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Dybdeskarphed og blænde

Når jeg læser på diverse fotosites ser jeg tit spørgsmål om sammenhængen mellem billedets dybdeskarphed og blænde. Der findes mange gode forsøg på at forklare sammenhængen. Jeg har for en gangs skyld valgt at spare på ordene og istedet lavet en lille illustration af sammenhængen.

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Nu er det vinter

Kalenderen siger at nu er vinteren begyndt, mandag morgen skal der vinterdæk på kareten, det har været småkoldt i flere uger. Alt sammen nogenlunde forventeligt og tildels acceptabelt, men at man lige uden for sin altandør skal finde håndgribelige beviser på vinterens komme er træls. Men her er sæsonnes første høst af istapper… Nå, det […]

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Weekend ved Lyngby sø

I weekenden den 3.-4. oktober gik jeg 2 ture ved Lyngby sø, den første lørdag eftermiddag i flot solskin og søndag morgen i tåge. Det gav mulighed for nogle billeder af samme sted, men med meget forskellige udtryk. Her et lille udpluk.

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Altan solsikker

Det lykkedes at flytte nogle solsikke frø med til Lyngby, så vi kunne få et par stykker til at pynte på altanen.

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