Stir fried vegetables

An easy to make course with inspiration from Asia. The below recipe is adequate for a full meal for one, so just multiply to serve more. 2-3 cm Ginger 2-3 Garlic cloves 1 tea spoon Chilli 1-2 tea spoon Cumin seeds 1 Medium Onion 125 gr Tofu 2 small Carrots 100 gr Mushrooms 100 gr […]

Before sunrise

I have for years been thinking of a photo. I have been knowing how to take and when on the day, just before sunrise. As you might know most of the year the sun comes up pretty early in Denmark. And during week-ends I do not tend to be an early riser, and I like […]

Asian inspired dish with prawn

As I’m going to Asia in the near future I would like to prepare my taste and digestion system to Asian cooking (not that they have been unaccustomed to Asian food). So during the day I made up a recipe that I’m quite sure has no specific root in one single Asian  kitchen, but inspiration […]

Bagsværd Sø

I went to Bagsværd Sø in hope to get a good view of the sunset. It was official 3 degrees, but a little wind made it rather nasty to be there. After 40 minutes my hands were frozen, despite gloves. As you might see on some of the photos the lake was already beginning to […]

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